Home Business Online Marketing Tools and Ideas

There are so many home business online marketing tools available today, that many experienced online marketers are not sure where to go and anyone new is often totally confused and eventually quit. This article is for anyone who is still not sure which way to go, and or have no idea where to begin.

The first thing you must know is that anyone can be highly successful with marketing online regardless of what strategy you choose to use, but you must realize that you must become really good at one of them,and fairly well at another one, and knowledgeable in four or five. But there is normally the problem most people become knowledgeable in five, six or seven while never becoming good in any and great in none.

For example article marketing is one of the best ways to drive traffic thousands of visitors to your site each and every month but again most never learn to place proper keywords into their articles therefore the only average less than 100 people reading their really great article month after month. But if they had bothered to learn about looking up keywords and a few other tools that same article would be read thousands of times each and every month and unfortunately to many times those that show you how to write articles won’t show you anything about how to get those articles read.

Another example will be viral marketing which is just creating ebooks and giving them away with your links in them. This in not hard and it’s free, there are so many places to do this online at and give you simple step by step instructions. If you do this once a week you will for sure generate more than enough traffic with a matter of days. And there are many websites that you can go on to give away your free eBook for those that are looking for your information.

Finally it does not matter what you are selling online it is all about marketing techniques, whatever you choose you must become good at it. It may take some time depending how much time you can put into it on a daily basis, if you can only put in a couple of hours per week i would strongly suggest only marketing one way only. Now on the other hand if you want to dedicate yourself to your business 20 or more hours per week go for two or three marketing techniques and stick with them until they produce sale on a regular consistent basis. But whatever you do do not try doing any more than three marketing techniques otherwise you will not give yourself a chance to becoming really good at any of them.

It’s possible. It’s easy. It’s staring you right in the face.

Therefore, it is perfectly possible for you to start a profitable business based on affiliate marketing, MLM or direct sales, but honestly, if you really want to make money you have to forget about easy money and start thinking about learning and working hard at least in you early stages.

You may only make 2 sales in your first weeks, but guess what, that is $50 you did not have before you started, and that’s 2 sales closer to quitting your job and working for yourself.

First Home Loan

First home buyers are inundated nowadays with a myriad of information about how to get their first home loan. It is obvious and simple what first home buyers want when looking for a loan. They want information that is clear, they want to be educated about the steps that are involved in getting a loan and, most importantly, they want someone they can trust to organise their finances. First home buyers are often seen as vulnerable because it is the first time they are buying a home so they are especially prone to being ripped off by bad finance sources who are just looking out for their best interests.

If at any stage you come across a housing or finance term that you are not familiar with in this article, please do a quick search on Google or yahoo to find out the meaning, it will help tremendously. Alternately go to the website at the bottom of this article and go to the glossary page.

A few areas that will be covered to help first home buyers with their first home loan will include; the type of borrower you are and the finance sources. There is also a buyer’s checklist able to be downloaded and a home loan calculator link. These topics merely scratch the surface of what is involved. It is recommended that you consult a mortgage broker or another finance source to fully inform you of what is involved when getting your first home loan.

Type of borrower

There are a few different types of home buyers which make up this category. The main three that will be accounted for in this article are; investment buyers, non-conforming buyers and first home buyers.

Investment home buyers

This particular group of buyers already own, or are paying off, some form of property already. They may have been handed down land or property by their parents or relatives or have purchased or used equity in previous properties or land to make further purchases.

Because they have existing property, banks and mortgage brokers are able to source finance a lot quicker and easier, because they have collateral behind them (which is like a security back up in case their finances go bad for the second or third property purchase).

Non conforming home buyers

Non conforming home loans are basically designed for finance for those people who may be in unusual situations with how their income is paid or how they wish to finance their home loan or mortgage. Non conforming borrowers are also people who may have been previously rejected for a home loan for a number of reasons such as bad credit history, bankruptcy or unusual incomes (more information on non conforming areas below).

Banks are normally quite reluctant to approve mortgages for those that fit into the non conforming loan borrower and people often find that their first ‘standard’ loan application is rejected by the banks.

First home buyers

Buying your first home is without doubt one of the biggest and most exciting purchases you will ever make.

What you ideally need is a mortgage broker or other finance source that will assist you in the process of weighing up your options so you have an objective assessment of what is the best loan for your situation. Mortgage brokers tend to be more objective than banks because mortgage brokers can have a look at a multitude of different finance options from different financial institutions to find the best loan for your situation. Even better, if you can find a mortgage broker than specialises in first home buyers then they will have even better information and help available because they help first home buyers all of the time.

Do you need help getting your first home loan or assistance with the First Home Buyers Grant? Don’t worry you’re not alone. It’s often hard to figure out where to start when looking for your home loan. There are so many options and so many mortgage providers to choose from. First West Home Loans specialise in helping first home buyers with the process of getting their first home. We guide you through the steps needed to successfully secure finance.

There are many incentives available to first home buyers in Australia, including the first home buyer’s grant, which is $7,000. In addition there is also the option of having no stamp duty on your purchase.

As with all things there are conditions attached.

How much can you borrow?

Using a home loan calculator can help give you a rough idea about how much you can borrow. Don’t be disheartened if it is not as much as you initially hoped for, it is a rough calculation. For an accurate assessment contact a mortgage broker or other financial source to get further information.

Backwoods Sales and Marketing Blunder is Like Handing Your Competition All Your Business

Last weekend I witnessed one whopper of a dumb sales and marketing mistake.

In fact, if you were to look up the definition of “big dumb stupid business mistake” you’d probably see a picture of the place I saw this blunder take place.

Here’s what happened:

The Mrs. and I were in this small, “jerk-water” town in the middle of the woods (in northern California) and she wanted an espresso at this dinky little espresso joint. While the lady was making the drink, I glanced down and saw the handwritten sign…


“Stop!” I said.

“What’s wrong?”

“Your sign says you don’t take plastic.”

“No problem, there’s an ATM across the street.”

OK now, here’s where the fun began:

I live in a small (really small) town myself and get this whole cash only thing. Heck, even the business center in my town is cash only.

So that blunder is not that big a crime in the grand scheme of things.

No, the problem was, there was another place, CLOSER to that ATM, to get espresso. Which meant, this espresso joint was cheerfully sending good business across the street to an ATM machine that’s closer to their competition.

I wonder how much business their competition gets from this?

I bet they have a hearty laugh every time they see a customer walking from the other place, debit card in hand.

Oh well, that’s life in the little city.

But I admit, it did get me thinking about my own marketing. In fact, afterwards I even did a quick run down of my own operations to make sure I wasn’t making a similar (embarrassingly obvious) mistake.

Not a bad habit to get into, is it?

Especially since the kind of espresso place mistake above can happen to any one of us, yet is so easily prevented.